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Kyle is a multi-disciplinary artist, who works in illustration, graphic design, photography, printmaking, painting, and film.  Kyle studied at Middlesex University and has a First Class Honours Degree in Illustration. He currently is situated in Kent and has a studio based here. You find him teaching art or playing piano and guitar in musical projects outside of the studio. Kyle has an interest in all cultures, people, film, music, art, and photography, he is intrigued by how humans record their experiences through life. 

Kyle originally was born in South America Paraguay but was adopted by English Parents in the UK and was raised and educated in both London and Kent, however, Kyle has also spent a vast amount of traveling and has grown an affinity with Europe. His experiences and learning translate within his work.

"We are the fag end of society, as a communal consciousness we still wear the scars of both world wars and cling on to the modernist thinkers, however, some nostalgia is being lost with our disregard for transgressive attitudes. We must vanguard all we learned and what is important and rejoice in creative consciousness. I have passion for expression and feel some moral obligation to have our emotions and voices heard"

Kyle has produced a wide body of art, both commercial and fine art.

He also has had the opportunity to exhibit these pieces in London and Kent. He has worked alongside up-and-coming musicians and artists, and he has featured in restaurants, album covers, cafes, and living spaces.


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