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Kyle Rodriguez has a connection to Estonia, through his experiences of the culture and having a deep attachment, he has visually responded through photography and illustration that are varied in forms of visual communication.


Kyle Rodriguez has found the country to be a country of warmth, despite the cold winters. Estonia resembles something of traditional beauty which is contrasted in the shadow of the soviet union, and the culture is diverse and progressive where values and pride are at the upmost explication. The land it self is a thing of majestic ancient mystery that echo's through the great expanses of pine forest, and met by the whisper of the baltic sea.

Kyle Rodriguez was shown and brought to visit Hiiumaa, an island which is off the mainland of Estonia. He was shown in a time where the island was preparing for the sleep and slow times of winter, however the great island offered peace and solitude to the artist, and he was humbled to be shown the beautiful and tranquil land. These events shaped the artist and he is forever connected to Estonia through dreams and memory.

This work is currently a working progress.